RazOrbaX Hot Points and prediction vs. No. 1 LSU; history not on Hogs' side

RazOrbaX Hot Points and prediction vs. No. 1 LSU; history not on Hogs' side

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 Frosh CB Tevin Mitchel
and UA secondary to be
tested Friday at LSU.
The Arkansas Razorbacks began playing football in 1894. Since then, the Razorbacks have played a Top 10 team on the road 32 times. Arkansas prevailed only five times and tied once. Of those 32 games, seven were against teams ranked No. 1. The Razorbacks have played Texas three times, Southern Cal twice, LSU once and Florida once. The HOGS beat Texas in 1964 and LSU in 2007. To find the positive, look at it this way: Arkansas has won only 15.6 percent of its road games against Top 10 competition, but it beat top-ranked teams on the road 28.5 percent of the time.

Tyler Wilson has had a great year but one area that he has struggled in is the deep ball. Most of the time the receivers have had to reach back for the ball, which gives the defender (who was beat) a chance to make a play. If the HOGS' talented receivers break free deep, the ball must be over the shoulder.

HANDLE THE PHYSICAL PLAY: LSU will hit Arkansas in the mouth. The Razorbacks must handle being hit and hit back. If the HOG offensive line can win its share of the battles, Arkansas has a great chance of moving the ball and creating scoring opportunities.

SCORE IN THE EXTENDED RED ZONE: The red zone is the area on the field from the 20 to the goal line. In this game, when Arkansas gets to the LSU 35, it must get points. At a minimum, that's a 52-yard field goal, well in Hocker's range. But Arkansas needs touchdowns when they are that close.

MAKE THE QBs HAVE HAPPY FEET: The LSU quarterbacks are good passers, not great passers. When they are attempting to pass, the Arkansas defensive line must make them uncomfortable in the pocket. Nothing easy for the LSU quarterbacks.

KEEP EVERYTHING IN FRONT OF YOU: I think the LSU receiving corps is the second best group in the SEC. They have size and speed. The Arkansas defensive backs cannot be so intent on helping against the run that the LSU receivers get deep. The Razorbacks cannot give up easy scores.

BEWARE THE HATTER: Coach Miles has been known to roll the dice in big games and has been successful with trick plays. For some reason, Arkansas has not seen any of the Hatter's tricks, and the Tigers have played it pretty straight against the Razorbacks. Friday, the HOGS must be ready for anything. LSU wants to pound the ball on the ground, but if the Tigers run well, and the Razorbacks have to overload the line of scrimmage, beware!

The Arkansas special teams have had a great year. LSU special teams have had a very good year as well. Both coaches could probably live with a stand off but are looking for any edge they can get and kicking/returns have been a bonus for both. This could be the game-making, game-breaking phase of this important game.

Ever since the arrival of Bobby Petrino, Arkansas fans have seen the program grow from never being mentioned to being the talk of the town. It has not been that way since the 1960s. I know that Ken Hatfield had some very good teams but Arkansas was constantly in the Top 10 shortly after Frank Broyles arrived and has not been back in that spotlight since. Since the BCS poll came out, the No. 3 Arkansas Razorbacks have been talked about on every sports TV and radio show from coast to coast. This will be the toughest test of the season, but the reward for winning will be huge. Can Arkansas overcome the odds and the perception? Razorback Nation holds its breath! Razorbacks 31, Tigers 30


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