RazOrbaX Hot Points vs Texas A&M: Get the swagger back

RazOrbaX Hot Points vs Texas A&M: Get the swagger back

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 UA coach Bobby Petrino
Last Saturday is in the books, and it is past time to move on. The season is not over; far from it. Arkansas can start a run Saturday in Arlington, Texas, but it will not be easy. New SEC brother Texas A&M is in much the same position. I am sure that Aggie Nation did not like Oklahoma State fans chanting "Big 12, Big 12, Big 12" after a 17-point lead went away in the second half at College Station. Both have some nagging injuries. And to add insult to injury, it is an 11 a.m. kickoff. Not quite the big stage either hoped for.

Getting the swagger back starts with the offensive line having an attitude and busting the closest guy in white not just on the first play, but one every play. Oklahoma State has never been considered a power team but Alabama has. Arkansas knows what that means, and the O-line needs to teach the Aggies that.

TAKE ADVANTAGE! Texas A&M will bring both run and pass blitzes from all angles. Wilson needs to recognize them, get the HOGS in the right play and get the "chunk" yards that were missing last Saturday.

GROUND GAME! Last year against the Aggies, Arkansas netted 136 yards rushing. It was the beginning of a good rushing year. Did you know that the Razorbacks only averaged 148 yards a game for the year? In a pro offense, 125 to 150 yards per game is a winning running stat. If the HOGS get there, they will be all right.

The defense did not play that badly last week. In fact, how many of you would have bet on a goal line stand after the Tide was first and goal from the 1? A&M has a QB that will run. Arkansas must be physical, tackle well and create turnovers! A&M lost four turnovers last week in its second-half collapse against Oklahoma State.

BEWARE OF THE BOMB! Troy threw the ball 63 times against the HOGS. A&M threw it 47 times against Oklahoma State. If Arkansas can shut down the run and take away the play-action pass they still must be ready for a barrage of passes.

NO DUMB PENALTIES. Giving up first downs on penalties after big stops will be demoralizing. No late hits, no face masks and no off-sides calls this week for the Razorbacks!

The Arkansas kickers have been great. The coverage teams need to match that. The Aggies have very capable return men, and the Razorbacks cannot have a repeat of last week. Be sharp, stay in your lanes and TACKLE WELL.

Texas A&M has had a big week. Mike Slive lead the party as the Aggies became official members of the SEC. They are three-point favorites over Arkansas, and for the life of me I cannot understand why. The Aggie defense is not in the same league as Alabama, and the Aggies have run up big scores on SMU and Idaho but could only manage 27 against Oklahoma State, which is not known for defense. If the Arkansas defense comes to play (and I think it will) and the Razorback offense does a good job against the blitz, it will not be the SEC party they had on campus earlier. Razorbacks 38, Aggies 24


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