RazOrbaX Report: Hootens.com coach Smithson scouts Texas A&M, gives prediction

RazOrbaX Report: Hootens.com coach Smithson scouts Texas A&M, gives prediction

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 LB Alonzo Highsmith has quietly
played well this fall.
Texas A&M fans got what they wanted, THE SEC. Now they want their first SEC win. And unless I miss my guess, they will get it. Florida shut out the Aggies in the second half, but Arkansas does not have Florida's speed at linebacker or in the secondary. The only way the Razorbacks win is to score every time they have the ball, OR get every possible break. That's something the Razorbacks have not gotten this year.

SPY the GUY: A&M freshman QB Johnny Manziel has played error-free football this year. While the Aggie offense looks more like the old Houston Cougar Run and Shoot, Manziel is the biggest running threat. Most of the night, Arkansas had a spy on Rutgers QB Gary Nova, but he declined to run. Manziel will run when the receivers are not covered and on read plays. He already has five rushing touchdowns in just three games. The Arkansas defense must be precise in its assignments and angles. The freshman QB rushed for 60 yards against Florida, 124 against SMU and 78 against South Carolina State. Manziel averages just less than 7 yards a carry.

Complete the Play: Scramble plays have killed the HOG defense this year. Not so much for Rutgers as with Louisiana-Monroe, and the Aggies offense looks more like ULM. That means everyone must stay with his man, within his responsibility. It is imperative that EVERYONE takes care of his assignments.

SURVIVE the Crowd and the Passes: It will be louder Saturday at College Station than anything the HOGS have experienced. A&M will try to run 100 plays and throw 47 percent of the time. Arkansas defense cannot get caught up in the crowd noise and lose focus on the fast pace of the offense. Arkansas must mix its coverages on every play and cannot give up easy over-the-top plays.

NO TURNOVERS II: Arkansas is waaaay on the wrong side of the turnover battle. An interception in the end zone really hurt last weekend. The Razorbacks cannot do ANYTHING to help the Aggies.

Be on Assignment: The Razorbacks have not been able to run the football because the line, fullbacks and H backs are not on the same page. A miss step here, a whiff on a block there and it amounts to no gain or a loss. The HOGS need to find the first person in maroon and just blow him up. Arkansas has the pieces; it just has not put it together.

Hit the Big Play: When it has the chance, Arkansas must make A&M pay for being aggressive. That said, if A&M gives up the short and medium passes, be patience AND TAKE THEM. Move the ball, the chains, the clock and score. Then the Ags will cheat and you can beat them over the top.

Keep Up the Averages: Breeding and Hocker have been great this year. They just need to keep on kicking like they have in the first four games.

Return Safe II: This one is easy. Catch the ball first. If the blocking is there, go. If not, take the fair catch. Possession of the ball is the most important thing. Johnson and Holmes have the talent, and DJ is close to being the SEC career leader in kickoff returns.

I can think of many scenarios that have the HOGS coming out on top. I also have witnessed our pass coverage all season. I remember 1990 and the Run and Shoot Houston Cougars. Arkansas had a decent offense and scored 28 on the Cougars. Houston scored 62 on the Razorbacks. It will take a perfect game for the HOGS to continue their winning streak against the Aggies: Texas A&M 42, Arkansas 28


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