RazOrbaX Report: Hootens.com coach Smithson hot points vs. Rutgers and prediction

RazOrbaX Report: Hootens.com coach Smithson hot points vs. Rutgers and prediction

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Take a deep breath HOG fans. The Rutgers Scarlet Knights make a trip south, looking for a high-profile win. Well, maybe not as high profile as it could have been but still it is a Big East team trying to win a game against the SEC. Make no mistake; this is a solid Knights football team.


 DT Byron Jones
Be Intense ALL THE TIME: This Razorback defense makes a couple of good plays and then seems to exhale and lose a little focus, and oops, it is first and 10. For the first quarter and a half of the Alabama game, the Arkansas defense looked as sharp as possible. They wore down pretty quickly the last seven minutes of the second quarter.

Freshman Play Fast: Several freshmen will play defense Saturday. They need to play fast and with their head on a swivel. Look for your man, fly to the football and be aggressive. Will Hines at corner and linebackers Otha Peters and A. J. Turner (E. Ponsett County) will see playing time Saturday. They should have already seen more than they have.

Like Last Week, Be Gap Sound: Jawan Jamison is a tough runner with moves. Arkansas cannot overpursue and give Jamison cutback lanes. Wrap up and tackle well and fill the gaps. Controlling the line of scrimmage is huge.

: Turnovers are the great equalizer for underdogs, and the makers of blowouts for favorites. Arkansas has done nothing to help itself the first three weeks of the season. Every skill player on the field for the Razorbacks must be ball conscience Saturday night.

Keep On Running: The Razorbacks must continue to run the football. Not try to run the football, but run the football. Johnson must get more carries. Davis showed a glimpse of the #7 that SEC defenses feared. This Rutgers defense is tough, but Arkansas can have success against them.

Protect Tyler: In a game and a half with Wilson, the Razorbacks scored 70. In a game and a half without him, they scored 7. Wilson is that important to the Arkansas Razorbacks to have any shot at turning around this season. That means pick up the blitzes. Play calling can help with the quick passing game, and of course, running the football.


No High Snaps: It is such a little thing, but it is not easy. If you can snap the ball with speed and accuracy, you can play a long time in the NFL. I heard all of the talk about the changes last week. I do not care who snaps, but it must be the best snapper. Arkansas has the kickers; the other 10 must do their jobs.

Return Safe: This one is easy. Catch the ball first. If the blocking is there, go. If not, make the fair catch. Possession of the ball is the most important thing. Johnson and Holmes have the talent, and DJ is close to being the SEC career leader in kickoff returns.

This game is VERY important. It is important to the Arkansas fans, and it needs to be to the team as well. The Razorbacks must approach this game like it is an SEC game. If what has been written and said this week about practice, the impromptu pep rally, taking all of the rest of the schedule off the board in the weight room and just leaving Rutgers there to symbolize where ALL OF THE FOCUS must be, then the weather will not be the only great thing this weekend in Fayetteville. Can this team handle any adversity this weekend? Will Tyler be Tyler? Rutgers is 3-0 with its victories being 24-12 over Tulane (averaging 7 rushing yards a game), 26-0 over Howard and 23-13 over South Florida. Arkansas has better players than Tulane, Howard or South Florida. It is time to show it on the field. Arkansas 38, Rutgers 21


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