RazOrbaX Hot Points and prediction vs. Vanderbilt

RazOrbaX Hot Points and prediction vs. Vanderbilt

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Vanderbilt is two games away from being bowl eligible. That has folks in Nashville grinnin'. They have been winning by dominating the turnover battle, pickin' 15 passes this year. First-year coach James Franklin has the team hoping, and that is music to the ears of Commodore fans.


 For QB Wilson, playing fast
does not mean rushing
and missing reads.
Arkansas has the athletes to dominate this game. The coaching staff has been looking for a fast start the past four weeks. That does not mean rushing and missing reads (see Ole Miss video). Tyler Wilson needs his best conference start Saturday in Nashville.

PICK UP THE BLITZ: Vanderbilt will bring the house against the HOGS, but that is nothing new for the Commodores. They put heat on most of the quarterbacks they play. If the Hogs are patient, they can hit some big plays by picking up those blitzes.

TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS: Do not be careless with the ball. This Vandy defense is ALWAYS looking to tip, strip or pick and take away the offensive opportunity. Arkansas has had only two turnovers in the past three games. Continuing that theme will go a long way in this one.

Against Georgia, Vanderbilt ran a reverse, a fake punt, and a halfback pass. They are looking for a big SEC win (beat Ole Miss, lost to South Carolina, Alabama & Georgia), and Arkansas must not cheat on its keys.

BE PHYSICAL: The Razorbacks have more depth up front than the ‘Dores. The HOGS must use that to their advantage and wear out the offensive line. As a famous boxer once said (and Coach Petrino), "kill the body, and the head dies!"

FIND THE BALL: No doubt the Vandy coaches have seen the Arkansas cornerbacks' inability to find the deep ball. They will take their shots deep and when on that island of man coverage, the HOGS need to run with the receivers, turn and find the ball and MAKE THE PLAY.

Vanderbilt was about to get run out of the stadium against Georgia when it returned a kickoff for a touchdown. Then the fight was on. As with every conference game this year, the Commodores have excellent speed in their returners. Arkansas must cover, cover cover!

It is another early kickoff for the HOGS. Most "experts" say an early kickoff favors the home team. This game will be the perfect opportunity for the Razorbacks to have their highlights running on TV all day, if they take care of business. Yes, Vanderbilt is better than last year. Yes, the Commodores have 15 interceptions this year. But did you know that 14 were in the first four games and they have just one in the past three? Alabama and Georgia completed a combined 48 of 71 (67 percent) of pass attempts for 592 yards with only one interception in their meetings with Vandy. Do you believe that Petrino's offense can throw the ball better than those two teams? I do! Arkansas has a chance to move up in the BCS poll this week. A big win in Nashville would be music to HOG fans! Razorbacks 38, Commodores 17



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