RazOrbaX Report: Hootens.com coach Smithson hot points vs. Kentucky and prediction

RazOrbaX Report: Hootens.com coach Smithson hot points vs. Kentucky and prediction

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FAYETTEVILLE - Arkansas goes from the Misery Bowl against Auburn to the Infirmary Bowl vs. Kentucky. The Wildcats may be the only team in the SEC this year to sustain more injuries than Arkansas. Starting freshman QBs in the SEC is usually tough on a team (Texas A&M being the exception), and Kentucky is on its second freshman QB. While that should be a good thing for Arkansas, the HOGS have a habit on not playing well against the Wildcats. Arkansas stands 1-2 at home and 1-2 on the road against UK. The home win was in Little Rock in 1998 and may have been Kentucky's best team of the six games. The Razorbacks were lackadaisical in the two losses in Fayetteville even though they were the superior team.


 DT Robert Thomas
The Arkansas defensive line was all over Auburn's offensive line. They were stronger and faster than the young Tigers. Of the 19 players listed on the UK roster for the offensive line, three are seniors, two are juniors, four are sophomores and 10 are freshman. The Arkansas D line must bring it and control the line of scrimmage.

SECOND & THIRD QUARTER EFFORT: UK averages 19 points a game. They score 71 percent of those points in the second and third quarter (82 out of 116). Great defensive effort in these quarters will go a long way to securing a victory.

TACKLE WELL: The Wildcats may be young, but they can run. Arkansas must build on what it did last Saturday: hit and wrap up ball carriers. While we all want turnovers, making the tackle first is the most important thing.

The most important thing that can be said to the HOG offense: Do not turn the ball over. Two late fumbles last week could have let Auburn back into the game. Do not help the floundering Wildcats.

REDZONE EFFENCENCY: Paul Petrino must remember that Tyler is a decent runner. Once inside the 25, he has to be an option. Do not give up on the running game and run it in passing formations. Make the defense cover the field and hit it with quick running plays. Nothing long developing and nothing that gives the play away. If the HOGS pass, Tyler must have decent check downs.

TAKE WHAT THE DEFENSE GIVES: UK ranks 38th in pass defense and 88th in run defense. Do not force the run or the pass. Arkansas ran 60 plays last week, 30 passes and 30 runs. If the offensive line controls the line of scrimmage, run the football! I think we might see the old Knile Davis Saturday.


Zack Hocker is a great kicker. He was uncharacteristically off last Saturday. Getting back in the groove against UK is a must. Kick off out of the end zone and hit automatic field goals.

RETURNS: Cover and tackle, block and hold on to the ball. Easy enough!

Arkansas still hopes for a bowl game. Kentucky fans are talking about their next head coach (Bobby Petrino?). Those things have not played out well for Arkansas since joining the SEC. Kentucky seems to love Fayetteville. Bad weather is predicted for the game. Lightning could bring long delays in the second half. It is fall break on campus so I am not sure what the student section will look like. It is up to us older fans to carry the day. Bring your ponchos and your never-say-die spirit. HOGS control the line of scrimmage and Tyler has a productive day. Arkansas 34, Kentucky 17


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